BinaryCounter - My Battery Is Low And It's Getting Dark

from by Chiptunes = WIN

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- - Track Notes - -
Made in Reaper using many many freeware plugins, some paid stuff this time too. My guitar also makes a subtle cameo.

Like my last ChipWIN submission, this combines emulations of various old-school chips (SPC700/SNES, SID/C64, YMF262/OPL3, LR35902/GB, HuC6280/PCEngine) with modern synthesizers and effects. This tune makes heavy use of the fantastic "Chiptune for Serum" preset pack by Shirobon, though it uses none of the presets. All sounds were made from scratch using the included Gameboy/LSDJ wavetables.

Unlike my last submission, part of this is composed and arranged in my own SNES tracker (named SNESthesizer) which i'm planning to release later this year. Synchronizing the tracker and DAW was more difficult than it should be, especially since the soundchip's timer pre-scaler does not exactly line up with common tempos. I ended up picking a value that landed on roughly 98.172 BPM and slowed it down slightly in the DAW to 98 BPM. Also, since my software is WIP, and i'm a crap programmer, i had to fight with a lot of bugs and crashes. It was totally worth it though, since it allowed me much more control than using a soundfont or an emulation VST such as C700. Since this is a synthwave track, the 80s kitsch is laid on thick. The drumset features samples from the famous LinnDrum caked in gated reverb, mixed in with chip drums and samples from various drum machines (Casio MT-500, Hohner Rhythm 80). The string pad was sampled from a Roland MT-32, looped and converted into a BRR sample, similar to what composers would do in the early 90s to make SNES or Amiga tunes.

Full list of plugins used:
Acon Digital Multiply, Ambient Reverb, AmpliTube 4, BlueARP, DD BitCrusher, DD Filter, Dream 64, GTune (gotta tune my guitar lol), Hiku, JM-1, Krush, Leet Delay 2, MT-PowerDrumKit, iZotope Neutron Elements, Xfer OTT, PanCake2, ReaComp, ReaEQ, ReaFir, ReaPitch, Xfer Serum, TAL Filter 2, VOPM, Wider

This song is dedicated to the Mars rover "Opportunity". Launched in 2003, it was only meant to be functional for around 90 days, but ended up roaming Mars for over 14 years, 55 times its expected lifespan. During its mission it drove over 45 kilometers (which is currently the world record for off-world driving). On June 10, 2018 Opportunity got trapped in a big dust storm which covered its only power source, the solar panels, and ended its mission. The last message it ever sent could be interpreted as "My battery is low and it's getting dark" in anticipation of shutting down.

On February 13, 2019 NASA declared the the rover to be gone, after it failed to respond to over a thousand test signals.

Shoutouts to uhhhh... a ton of people: Sebb, Laz, Clover, VinsCool, boryalic, the entire ABoC team, Dya, Glowbush, Ashurath, Zithia, nanoparticle, Jakk, Purely Grey, the entire ChipWIN community.... I probably forgot a ton of people. (If you don't know why you're on this list, i just think you're awesome \m/)

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from Spacetunes = WIN, released March 10, 2019




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